Key Supplements to Promote Resilience, Assist Immunity, Manage Disease and Heal the Body

The world is in a state of panic. As the news of new Coronavirus cases spreads, so do feelings of despair and anxety. The advice and measures shared by the World Health Organization are clear: wash hands regularly; use hand sanitizers in instances where hand washing is not possible. Maintain a distance of 1-2m when interacting with others; avoid going out unless absolutely necessary and self-isolate for 14 days if you are feeling ill. If you exhibit any of the symptoms at home quarantine is essential but the questions arising from many speak to nuances of health and what to do to give yourself and your family a fighting chance of either not contracting Covid-19 or ensuring in some way that if you do, your body has the resources to fight it effectively. Diet and supplementation has largely been dismissed by most mainstream medical practitioners, but the voice of reason is growing louder: we can make changes that will build resilience mentally and emotionally and physically.

Key Lifestyle habits that can significantly boost your resistance against infections and every choice you make moves you towards ill health or optimal health. With effective research-backed botanicals to help your body fight any kind of viral infection, Dr Rory has developed a working document with details on a variety of herbs and botanicals that assist the various systems and organs involved in immune responses. Building a responsive immunity is the foundation of any kind of optimal health and healing

“The Corona Virus is here to stay. Epidemiology models predict 70% of the world’s population will get COVID-19 within the next 3 years. The virus has a 2-week incubation period and is highly contagious. The majority of people will recover however, at least 90%! Those most affected will be of the age 60 plus, so supporting immune system functioning is critical to recovery and to try and prevent progression to viral pneumonia.” Dr Rory

We know that many medical establishments are overwhelmed and perhaps you can’t get treatment, so what can you do? Dr Rory outlines tools that have been used successfully for 1000’s of years.


7 Common DNA Testing Myths

DNA testing within the sphere of health is growing in popularity given the development of personalized medicine. It stands to reason that if we are all so unique that we can be identified by our fingerprints, retinas, dental impressions and voices then perhaps the one-size-fits-all approach to diet is indeed a fallacy. LiveFit with Stace has partnered with DNAlysis Biotechnology to bring you information, around this topic, that is accurate and easy to understand. We tackle seven of the most common myths surrounding DNA testing.

Depression 101

The topic of mental health is gaining prominence in pop culture with local and international celebrities opening up about their personal struggles and coping strategies. What is depression and how does it differ from bouts of sadness or even anxiety and how do you know when professional help should be sought? Gaining a deeper understanding of depression may help kick start the journey to recovery.

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