When it comes to training, we all need a kick start!! More so when we’re training at home with minimal equipment…or you’re lacking the structure and motivation when you head into the gym!


We’ve got you covered!

If you missed our YouTube Show: The Cover Series, where I take you behind the scenes of how I prepared for the cover of a fitness magazine, check it out here.

In a similar fashion, I want to inspire you to embark on your own “Cover Journey” but you’re looking at, at the very minimum, a good 12 weeks of consistent effort; so, to get you going here’s our Kickstart Program, designed in conjunction with my very own coach Scott MacIntosh, owner and head coach of The Yard Athletic.

This program is absolutely free! It’s an investment in you, and your holistic fitness journey, from us!

In addition to this Kickstart Program, we’ve also developed a 21 Day Gut Reset to help kick start your nutrition and intuitive eating – discovering which foods are our triggers and knowing what works for you!

How to get started:

  1. Click here to sign up.
  2. Get the program delivered to your email or WhatsApp
  3. Read through your program as it’s pretty comprehensive.
  4. Remember to take your Before Pics for yourself and then JUST START!!
  5. If you feel that you need additional support, or you’d like to be able to ask us questions for the duration of your 4-week journey, join our Private FB Group or WhatsApp Group for a nominal fee of R150.00 and get support from us during your program!
  6. Purchase the 21 Day Gut Reset here, it includes support!
  7. Special Package: R350 includes the Gut Reset as well as Group Access and Support!

Easy Peasy!!

We’re looking forward to hearing about your journey and seeing your progress!!