About Live Fit

Live Fit With Stace Is An Online, Holistic Health And Wellness Edutainment Platform

What is LiveFit?

Ask anyone what the word ‘fitness’ means and sure enough references of gym, diets and exercise come to mind. However, the biological definition of fitness is this:

“the degree of an organism to adapt to its environment, determined by its genetic constitution or the state of being suitably adapted by an environment”

We know now that we can influence our genetic makeup through our lifestyle choices (epigenetics).

#livefitwithstace is all about providing credible, holistic health information that allows people to be suitably adapted to whatever their environment demands. That’s what it means to truly live fit!

The LiveFit Ethos

The LiveFit ethos is based on four key foundational principles to be cognisant of when thinking about overall health and wellness: